At RE/MAX Aruba, we are proud to be Aruba residents. Aruba is one of the top destinations in the world, with over two million tourists visiting the island each year. It is not surprising in the least, as Aruba boasts beautiful beaches, delicious local cuisine, relaxing getaways, and much more. From the splendor of the Arikok National Park to the mystery of the Fontein Caves, there is a whole world just waiting to be discovered.

Aruba real estate is benefiting greatly from the recent changes the island has been making to attract even more tourism. Excellent resort facilities, upgrades in security, and much more. Already Aruba has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and poverty has seen a significant decline too. Aruba is a haven for those individuals looking to escape for a while, and owning property on the island can mean serious perks.

Luxury homes in Aruba have extraordinary views, the latest amenities, and hold up on the market firmly. The value of homes in Aruba increases because the island is continually building new resorts and attractions for the tourist industry. Aruba is upgrading in every way possible, and this is the best time to purchase a home on the island. Our team of experts is immersed in the rich culture of Aruba and continuously ready to help you find the property you are dreaming about. Call us today at +297 586 4900 or email us at and let us welcome you to this Caribbean paradise.