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Miracle Homes Aruba

For us it feels natural to give back to the community, it’s in the culture of RE/MAX. All over the world RE/MAX agents make a difference in their communities - by volunteering, donating money, contributing time and ultimately changing lives.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Since 1992, RE/MAX International agents have donated more than $150 million to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals - mostly by making donations in their clients' names after each closed transaction.

Casa Cuna Progreso

RE/MAX Aruba has a local Miracle Program, since 2016. We bring the worldwide RE/MAX vision to care into our local community, to the kids who need it the most. Our Miracle Homes Aruba is: Casa Cuna Progreso.

The foundation Casa Cuna Progreso is a children's home society and was founded on the 4th of April 1957. This foundation is based on the idea that every child has the right to have security, love, attention and structure. Each child must be able to experience. For most children, family is the most natural and obvious life situation, where they can develop themselves with brothers, sisters and parents around them. Family relationship between parents and children remains important throughout their lives. Casa Cuna Progreso can and will not replace the natural home environment or bond between children and their biological parents. However, it can assist parents by temporarily taking over the task of educating their children, with the hope that the children ultimately return to their natural home or home environment. The supervisors accept the children and their educators as they are and focus on positive reference points in the upbringing and development process. Casa Cuna Progreso Foundation can only carry out their activities by the donations granted by the Aruban Community and the subsidy given by the government. The assistance that Casa Cuna Progreso offers focuses merely on children who are in a difficult parenting situation. With difficult parenting situation is meant that there could be a crisis situation in the family, educational or emotional neglect, abuse, behavioral or emotional problems.

How does Miracle Homes Aruba work?
There's nothing more moving than seeing a child smile through any circumstances they currently face. Countless children are being given a home, and with Miracle Homes Aruba we are committed to help these kids to continue enjoying their childhood despite their situation. It's pretty remarkable. When a home is listed with a Miracle Homes sign, it means that the seller will make a donation to our local kids foundation. RE/MAX Aruba will double the seller's donation! 

Be part of a Miracle

If you are a seller or homebuyer, you can be part of this Miracle too. If you are interested in helping through your home sale or purchase, find a RE/MAX Aruba agent that will assist you. Tell your agent that you want to make a difference for these kids by listing your home as a Miracle Home.

  • Oranjestad Luxury Villa
    Residential for Sale New Listing Luxury Miracle
    964 5 5
    USD 1,300,000
  • Gold Coast Diamante 131
    Residential for Sale Luxury Miracle
    821 4 3
    USD 799,000