Selling Your Real Estate in Aruba

Selling your property in a high demand Real Estate market such as Aruba is not a simple task. In order to effectively evaluate the property, find potential buyers, and close the deal, you need more than a single real estate agent in Aruba. You need a team of trusted professionals like RE/MAX Aruba on your side to get the most money with the least amount of work on your part. 

RE/MAX is Aruba real estate made easy. If you are looking to sell your home or property, we have the tools to help. Our knowledgeable team is well versed in market trends, and as the leading real estate company in the world, we offer you unparalleled insight and the expertise it takes to get you a good deal quickly.

Ready to sell? Below you’ll find an outline of our selling process so you can better know what to expect when you work with our expert real estate agents in Aruba.

Our Selling Process

1. Introduction and Listing Presentation

When it comes to listing your property, the more we know, the better. At RE/MAX Aruba we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service that highlights why we’re a top real estate agency in Aruba. This begins with a meeting with a RE/MAX Aruba agent at your property to get a better idea of how we can help you achieve your goal. Here we will outline what we offer, how we will get your property sold, and answer any questions about the selling process in Aruba. After our initial consultation with you, a RE/MAX Aruba agent will come to your home or property to perform an evaluation. This provides valuable information that can go into your ad like selling points of the property. Evaluations also help us provide market analysis and give us a better idea of what price you can expect to get on the Aruba real estate market.

2. Introduction and Listing Presentation

We understand it’s important that you get top dollar for your property, which is why we diligently study the complex Aruba real estate market so that we can get you your asking price. Your RE/MAX real estate agent will complete a home evaluation, appraising your home in its current state, discussing your pricing goals and how we can accomplish them.

3. Selling Contract Signing

Once we show you what RE/MAX Aruba can do for you, we’ll need to sign a selling agreement to move forward with the selling process. This contract allows us to list your property for sale and represent you in future negotiations, letting you sit back and relax while we get your property sold.

4. Comprehensive Listing Creation

Regardless of whether they’re local or international, buyers want to get a good idea of your property before they commit to a viewing. Our professional listings ensure that your property is well represented for those who can’t see it firsthand. To accomplish this, we do everything we can to provide high-quality and interactive pictures, videos, and even drone shots of your property to include in paper and online listings.

5. Crafting a Marketing Plan

Getting your listing seen by the right people is the hardest part of Aruba real estate, but it is also our specialty. At RE/MAX Aruba, we have resources all around the island that help us to connect sellers with the right buyer for you. Both online and in-person, we ensure your listing is in front of as many eyes as possible.

6. Implement Marketing, Host Viewings, and Field Offers

After devising the ideal advertising methods for your individual listing, that plan will be implemented to begin attracting potential buyers. For the more serious buyers, a RE/MAX Aruba real estate agent will schedule and conduct viewings (with your permission) to help seal the deal.

Any offers that come in will be discussed with you, and negotiations will be made on your behalf if necessary.

7. Purchase Agreement

Now that we’ve secured a buyer, it’s important that the terms of the transaction are outlined and enforced so that the deal can be carried through. This agreement will outline the price, the required down payment, the timeframe of the deal, and any conditions like essential repairs that need to be done before the completion of the deal.

This agreement is one of the most important parts of selling your home, but you’ll have the help of an expert real estate agent in Aruba to guide you through the agreement, ensuring it is what you expect.

8. Notarization

Upon signing the purchase agreement, the document will go to a Notary Office to be notarized. They will complete title research to ensure the property is ready for transfer, handle the escrowing of the down payment plus final purchase price, and finalize the transaction during the 2-3 month closing period.

Sell Your Property Today with RE/MAX Aruba

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