The Renting Boom in Aruba

Aruba as one of the favor destinations with more than 2 million tourism every year, and being rated as one of the most safe islands of the Caribbean. Aruba has become the perfect destination for short and long term rental.

Ever thought of starting an Airbnb business in Aruba? It is not a bad idea at all. The renting boom has been in full swing for the last several years, and this is due to businesses like Airbnb, which provide plenty of real estate upside. A luxurious property in Aruba can net you significant monthly profits, and at RE/MAX Aruba, and our sister company AIVR (Aruba Island Vacation rental) we are here to help.

Aruba is already a top destination for many around the world, and recent changes have made it more appealing. Resorts are adopting more eco-friendly approaches, and restaurants in the area are focusing on locally grown ingredients. Overall, Aruba is embracing better ways to run their tourism industry, and that means more visitors, which means more rentals. If your property is in a prime location on the island, there is plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of the rental boom. Few places in the world experience the type of tourism that passes through Aruba each year.

Owning property in a top destination like Aruba can be a lucrative business. At RE/MAX Aruba, we are ready to walk you through the process of purchasing a home or building complex that can be rented throughout the year. Our team of experts is well acquainted with the high-market value areas of the island and can help you find a prime location. Contact our team members by calling +297 586 4900 or email us at to inquire about owning property in this beautiful island.